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  Patents of five countries ANY JET Portable Water Flosser
  The best portable tooth cleanser for gingival recession sufferers
Portable : only 100g, convenient to carry in a journey.
Economical : value for money, acceptable price.
Convenient to use : no electric power required, no connection to water tap required, not limited by container, no time or spatial limit, suitable for cleansing the teeth after a meal anywhere anytime
Energy saving : no electric power required, saving energy and reducing carbon discharge.
Easy to control : controllable water pressure, directly flushing for higher
efficiency of cleaning.
Double effect : for functional reinforcement and doubled cleaning effect, use the product together with toothbrush, interdental brush and mouth
Elements of oral cavity health care
Balanced Diet-reduce the ingestion of sugary and acid food
First flush then brush –
the correct way of tooth cleansing is to flush with water flosser and then brush with toothbrush,
so that the toothpaste can function in periodontal crevice.
Cleansing the Teeth in the morning and evening-frequently use floss to clean the teeth
Regular Inspection-Ensure sanitation of oral cavity and health of teeth.
Some dental calculi still remain after tooth brushing-

Deep gingival groove long-term accumulation of tartar, will continue to harm periodontal tissue, so that rapid atrophy of the gums, eventually leading to tooth loss. Use water flosser, in order to implement the effect of cleaning and protecting the teeth.

【 We should know, but many people do not know the concept ! 】
How to properly, completely, exactly 100% clean teeth?
The predecessor Tainan County Dental Association XuBangXian doctor director :
1.First with a toothbrush to brush teeth outside, above and inside the three faces. ( About 70% )
2.Dental floss up and down with teeth between the teeth and the two teeth surface. ( About 20% )
3.Use water flosser rinse Toothbrush and dental floss can not clean of the gingival sulcus . ( About 10% )
Complete all-round clean-up , can make teeth more healthy.

They can only complement each other, can not be replaced.

Patents of five countries-
Recommended by professionals in oral health care

  Germany Patent No.20,2009,008,488.4 Japan Patent No. 3153720 Taiwan (R.O.C) Patent No. M365163

China Patent No. CN201431526Y

US D642 2398 US Patent No. US D642 2398
【Actual comparison between AnyJet punching machine and German Bailing brand.】
【Difference between anyjet and other brands.】
【ANYJET portable red teeth - R&D durability test】

ANYJET development time, After 60 times per minute,
40 hours in a row, More than 100,000 times of durability testing.
Innovative press-type design without electric plug, environmental protective and energy saving, portable for use on a trip (able to match all bottle or cup containers)
Hand-held pressurization design, direct pressure piston cylinder structure;
water pressure can be adjusted according to personal habit, special bowed shape, sprinkler can spray water toward any direction
Deep into tooth crevice, cleaning without blind angle
Any Jet water flosser not only allows you to carry, press out use, we additionally well-developed patented water-tap water flosser, allowing you to use home water flossing easier and more convenient.
Use dental water flosser immediately after eat the most healthy, directly at home use water-tap water flosser mounting kit group, rotation at any time、change at any time、use at any time.
When not in use, as long as the rotation, it can be removed immediately, does not affect water-tap normal function, removal at any time, pick up at any time.
1.Original design over the world – no electric power required, energy saving and environment protective,
easy to install and use anytime anywhere, no time or spatial limitation
Hand-press design, no electric connection required, suitable for health care of tooth on business trip or in journey, convenient and economical  
Clean the teeth at the first time; with correct habit of tooth brushing,
able to prevent bromopnea and keep the teeth clean.
Able to quickly clean the food residues on tooth surface and in tooth crevice after a meal  
It is an indispensable cleaning assistant for people suffering from dental problems.
2.Patented structure design – convenient, environment protective, and saving power, water and labor
Personal product, doubled health (reducing the possibility of cross infection)  
Do not need installation. Portable, selectable water resource, simple operation satisfies diverse user requirements
No electric connection required, ergonomic design, patented structure, no-stage pressure, self-control wave strength, (easy to operate by adult or children, saving water and labor, and environment protective (no electric connection required, no noise)  
3.Patents of five countries
Taiwan (R.O.C) Patent No. M365163
China Patent No. CN201431526Y
Japan Patent No. 3153720
Germany Patent No.20,2009,008,488.4
US Patent No. US D642 2398
Any Jet give you a dental water flosser can be used in combination anywhere, At home using water-tap water flosser, out by hands.

Any Jet Water-Tap Water Flosser.

AnyJet II Portable Water Flosser

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Operation Instructions-
Portable water flosser:
The product need to work with an ordinary PET bottle, fit for 90 percent of all PET bottle calibers and cup containers sold in the market (easy to install).
Connect AnyJet portable water flosser to a PET bottle filled with water. Point the sprinkler to the teeth, bend over washbasin, press the handle to adjust water flow, and then flush teeth surface and gingival grooves from a 90° angle along the border line between teeth and gums. Flush the upper and lower teeth with regular water flow, so as to remove the food residues in teeth crevices and gingival grooves.
  After use, remove the flosser from the PET bottle and press the handle to discharge the residual water inside the hose, place it for some time to dry it naturally, and then put it into the transparent plastic bag. If you need to use it outside your home, put it into the dustproof bag to prevent dust.

Water-tap water flosser:
  Detailed instructions, please watch the video of the presentation on this page.

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