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  Liao Hsi-Jen invented portable water flosser thanks to toothache
  Liao Hsi-Jen once had healthy teeth, but later he suffered from dental calculus, gingival recession and toothache. He went to see a dentist time and again for these reasons, but the illness was not relieved. Until the predecessor Tainan County Dentists Association director Xu Bangxian dentist told him that in addition to brushing and flossing, still need water flosser to cleaning the gap between the teeth and gingival sulcus, if not properly heal, within a few months will be the entire row of teeth fall out and toothless.So he listened dumbfounded.
  To maintain the health of teeth, he adhered to the “333” principle of health care advised by the dentist, that is, brushing teeth 3 times every day, brushing teeth 3 minutes after a meal, and brushing for 3 minutes every time.He followed the advice and spent a lot of money buying electric water flossers of foreign brands for cleaning tooth crevices and gingival grooves. These electric products can flush teeth cleanly and comfortably, but they are inconvenient for a user on a trip because they need to be recharged. One day when he was in a journey to Japan,he looked for portable water flosser and wanted to buy one back to Taiwan, but he failed. Why not invent a portable water flosser? An idea came into his mind.
Physician words
Complete teeth cleaning is not over yet, there are still a few dental bacterial in the gaps between the teeth. If you do not remove all of the dental acterial, it will become a blind spot.
Cause tooth gradually shrink down, forming tooth gap, it makes very difficult to clean the teeth.
At this time, it more important to use water flosser.
Flow of water rinse abutment surface compare concave place, with no difficulty. Among, recently there is a portable water flosser, easy to carry, easy to use, either business trip abroad or go traveling, can get a quick and effective clean mouth, complete zero blind spots. More can indeed perform 「3,3,3」concept teeth cleaning effect, become people who dental protection good news. so recommend for everyone.
Ental bacteria more than mouse droppings in multiples of 5
Taiwan adults dental line and gaps between the teeth taken to the dental bacteria probably contains more than 9,999 RLU number of bacteria in the teeth (ATP biological cold light instrument may be measured dental bacteria the maximum data. )
Catch up with European countries, do not know to wash teeth with water flossing = toothless early !

Two facts:
1.People over the age of 40, 90% have periodontal problems, the older the more serious.
2.Europe, USA and Japan advanced countries has long been manufacturing water flosser, gingival recession, especially people who need.
One reason:
Toothbrush、floss no way to clean the gingival sulcus, the number of bacteria present in the deposition, even let ATP biological cold light instrument may be measured dental bacteria the maximum data. Therefore, from health to the teeth out, hazards are ongoing in.
We do not know to use water flosser, everyone ensuing toothache. Followed by European countries to learn to use dental water flosser, everyone teeth healthy. Although the price compared to ordinary toothbrush and floss a little expensive, but well worth it.
Not only do you need, parents need to be more.
to this end, Any Jet give you a dental water flosser can be used in combination anywhere :
At home using water-tap water flosser, out by hands.

【AnyJet II Portable Water Flosser-filial piety parents's Best gift!】
Oral cavity health is not only to brush your teeth every day, do you have a thorough brushing, full clean it is the key ! Most people oral cavity clean only focus on tooth surface, in fact 『the gap between the teeth and gingival sulcus 』 more important ! But look overseas water flosser more than a few thousand dollars, market demand sales are still huge, many advanced countries are racing to develop manufacturing, as can be seen necessity of water flosser .

AnyJet II Portable Water Flosser, have the same extent practical and clean function, selling price is cheaper, environmental protection and save energy, anytime, anywhere, without electricity, do it yourself,use more comfortable. We really recommend to you【AnyJet II Portable Water Flosser-filial piety parents's Best gift!】After use AnyJet II Portable Water Flosser, make you fell in love with it, because the gap between the teeth and gingival sulcus are clean, comfortable and healthy !

Why are people disturbed by periodontal disease even if they brush the teeth every day?

  After people eat some food, residues remain in tooth crevices, which, under the effect of bacteria inside oral cavity, will generate organic acid or lactic acid. Such acid will cause a decalcification effect to the teeth, gradually resulting in decay of the teeth.
Gingival groove, that is, the conjunction of tooth and gum, is usually ignored when people brush their teeth. There are some valley-like zones on the conjunction, and residues are likely to be accumulated there, resulting in periodontal disease.

Research and Design
    Quickly he came up with the first design,that is, a simple water flosser composed of a syringe plus an injection needle, but this did not work well and need to be improved.He added manual pump, bottle neck and water inlet clamp to the original design, and employed 28mm caliber as the design standard of bottle neck.

  After this design is worked out, this water flosser can match with not only PET bottles but also ordinary tea cups, convenient for use on a trip. That is to say, as long as there is clean water, the water flosser can be used to clean the teeth without electric power.
There is no limit which the container can not be used.

  When you're outside collocation general bottle or cup container use water flosser, When you are at home even more easy and convenient, as long as use patent 【 water-tap water flosser 】above the water-tap installation parts of combination, turn、replace、use, does not affect water-tap normal use features.
Product Present
    Liao Hsi-Jen thinks that his portable water flosser is easy to use and thanks to its weight of less than 100g, suitable for use in a journey or in office. However, he worries that it might be imitated without patent protection because its structure and principle are too simple. Hence, he has acquired patents of 5 countries, i.e., U.S.A., Japan, Germany, Taiwan and China. The product is now sold through such channels as television shopping, MedFirst Health Care Services, Inc. (杏一), Sansome Trading Co., Ltd. (芳林), and Postmall in Taiwan,
and it is estimated to be sold via Yahoo and pharmacies. To date more than 20 thousand sets have been sold.
Elderly people often think that tooth loss is a normal phenomenon,
but Liao believes that the aged can avoid this trouble if they take good care of their teeth.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test for ANY JET Portable Water Flosser
Testing Organization: Department of Electronic Communication Engineering,
National Kaohsiung Marine University


Hydrostatic Pressure Test for Foreign Electric Water Flosser : (approx.4.5kgf/)
Minimum Hydrostatic Test for ANY JET: (approx.4.5kgf/)

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